This area of the site has been developed for you as a customer of Quantum Trading, to help keep you up to date with what is happening with regard to the current platforms we support, and also our plans for those we are developing in the future.

As I'm sure you know, the platforms we support are constantly updated as new versions are released, and as a software company we are constantly aware of these changes and developing our trading indicators accordingly. Some of these changes are major, and others are minor. Sometimes we receive advance notice of a new release, but often we do not and therefore have to react accordingly.

The purpose here is to provide you with the latest up to date information on build levels and latest releases, along with any known problems that we are working on at present. We will always try to give an idea of time to fix, but as you can appreciate this is not always possible, but rest assured we are always well up to speed with most issues, but always welcome any feedback to help us in this area.

Finally in this section you can also keep up to date with our future plans for additional platforms. This will be updated regularly with roadmaps and timescales as we move forward. As a company we are committed to offering our indicators to as wide a trading audience as possible, and are always striving to achieve this wherever possible. Some platforms and suppliers do lend themselves to this more easily than others, so with some companies this is not an option. Thankfully this is the exception rather than the norm, and it is simply a question of allocating our resources accordingly to port our software from one platform to another.

As always, it is you our customers who are important to us, and we always welcome feedback and comments to help us develop and grow as a company. So if there is any platform or provider you feel would be a good fit, please just let us know – we would be delighted.

Two versions of Tradestation now available for the Quantum Trading tools and indicators

Two versions of Tradestation now available for the Quantum Trading tools and indicators

With the dawn of the new year and hopefully one where things return to normal, whatever normal may be, we are delighted to announce the dawn of a new platform…