In this area of the site we would like to keep you updated with our plans for future trading platforms. As you can appreciate each new platform is a considerable investment for us, both in terms of development time, but also in producing all the associated support documentation and videos. Once launched we then have a commitment to long term support both in terms of upgrading our indicator, but also in ensuring any platform changes and updates are duly accommodated.

One of the challenges we always face is in utilising the data feed in porting across existing indicators to a new platform. Sometimes this is straightforward and indeed often opens up additional opportunities to develop or extend indicator functionality. On other occasions it is more challenging and we then have to find elegant solutions to ensure our trading algorithms remain as originally designed.

These are the challenges we face as a developer but are always happy to accept as we are committed to expanding our base of platforms continuously, so that our trading indicators are made available to a wide an audience as possible. The typical timeframe for each new platform from start to finish is generally between 3 and 6 months. Some can be completed more quickly and others a little more complex. It depends on the programming language and support provided by the platform creators. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestions and once we start on a new platform this will then appear under its own sub section as a dedicated page with regular updates on progress.