This area of the site has been developed for you as a customer of Quantum Trading, to help keep you up to date with what is happening with regard to the current range of trading indicators, and also our plans for those we are working on and developing in the future.

As I'm sure you know, the platforms we support are constantly updated as new versions are released, and as a software company we are constantly aware of these changes and developing our trading indicators accordingly. Some of these changes are major, and others are minor. Sometimes we receive advance notice of a new release, but often we do not and therefore have to react accordingly. So the purpose of this section of the site has two important functions.

First and most importantly you will be able to check you have the latest release of the indicator on your platform. As a company we are constantly updating our indicators, either to add further functionality or to resolve minor bugs. This is an ongoing process and part of our commitment to you as a Quantum Trading customer as these upgrades and enhancements are included in the lifetime licence of the product.

Whilst the fundamental algorithms of our indicators remains the same, we are constantly looking to improve and expand their functionality, either from an aesthetic perspective or from a practical trading perspective, both of which are important. These changes from a variety of sources, including customer feedback, changes in platform levels, bug fixes and of course our own ideas.

Secondly, we are constantly working on developing additional indicators to support our customers and which underpin the core trading methodology of the company which is based on volume price analysis. Within this area of the site we want to share our future plans with you, and here you will find details of indicators and their associated platforms and approximate roll out and release schedules. Some of these will be specific to particular platforms whilst other will be generic across all the platforms we support. The reason for this is simply that some data feeds offer us more flexibility in terms of how the data is delivered and presented.

Wherever possible we try to ensure replication of indicators on a cross platform basis, which then gives you the option to move your indicators from one platform to another. This is something we offer to all our customers. There is no charge, and where one indicator is not available on another platform on a 'like for like' basis, we try to be as creative as possible by offering close alternatives or credits.

Finally of course, if  you are a full package customer of Quantum Trading (whether you purchased the package outright, or perhaps in instalments), you will be entitled to receive all future indicators free of charge. This is our way of saying thank you.

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