The basic problem is simply that every time NinjaTrader release an update,
they then introduce code breaking changes which have to be fixed in order
for the indicators to work with that particular release. This has occurred
on almost every release, so the process we have followed so far is to test a
release, report bugs, fix the code breaking changes, and then release. This
process has occurred on each release, and what we have also seen on each
release is that new code breaking changes are being introduced all the time.
As far as we can tell the platform seems to be in a permanent beta format,
and not stable at present and we are still waiting for some bug fixes to be
included in the latest releases which have been outstanding for some months.

As you can appreciate the amount of work we have put in so far has been
immense, but we believe we are still some way from providing a stable
solution for our customers on NT8. Whilst we appreciate that NT8 has some
cool features, we are suggesting to our customers that they remain with NT7
for the time being, until the NT8 platform has been fully tested and cleared
of the code breaking changes which seem to be a constant issue at present.

Naturally we do appreciate your patience and we will keep you posted as we
move forward, but for the time being NT7 is our recommendation until further

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