This is something we offer to all our customers and completely free, so you can change from one platform to another at any time in the future at no cost. The reason we offer this is simply we understand that many traders start with a platform such as MT4 and then migrate to another such as NinjaTrader as their knowledge and skills develop. This means your investment is always fully protected and you have an upgrade path to other platforms as we bring them on stream in the future. So there is no need to worry. If you start with the MT4 tools and then in the future wish to move to NinjaTrader, we simply transfer your licence across along with the indicators, at no charge. There is no time limit whatsoever, and of course this applies to all the other platforms we are currently developing. In the plan this year we have Tradestation and Metastock along with Multicharts and these will be added to further next year. As a company we believe in constantly expanding the platforms available both for our existing customers and also new ones to Quantum Trading.

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