trends-indicatorAll traders know that price is a leading indicator. Yet few forex traders ever discover how to correctly interpret the start of a new trend, or indeed the end of an old one. To add further complexity, forex markets spend over 70% of their time in congestion, moving sideways in a narrow range. The forex traders worst enemy.

What’s the answer? Step forward – the Quantum Trends indicator. With this simple and elegant indicator, dynamic trends are painted for you instantly and dynamically, in real time. In forex you need to be quick on your feet, and the Quantum Trends indicator delivers in spades! But even better, not only will it signal your possible entry and exit, it also signals a market in congestion – equally important. Knowing when to stay out, is just as important as knowing when to get in.

Grab your copy of the Quantum Trends indicator now – and bring your charts, and your trading to life.

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