If you have the indicators visible in the Navigator:

  1. Open your MT4 platform
  2. Go to View>Terminal and this will open a window at the bottom of the platform.
  3. Then select the Experts tab
  4. Then drag and drop an indicator to a chart and in the window at the bottom of the screen you will see any error messages displayed which will then guide you to the potential issue. Any error messages will be displayed with a red symbol alongside. Please read the message and send us a screenshot if the message is not clear. The most common error messages are as follows:
    1. Any reference which includes a reference to a ‘DLL’ is an error in the installation process. The most likely cause is either this file has been removed by any virus protection software, or you have unzipped and then extracted the files from the folder. Please check and reinstall following the steps very closely.
    2. Any reference to a missing email signals you have not added your email address to the docs folder during the installation. If you have missed this step, please go back and copy and paste your email address. If you have already completed this step but are still receiving an error message please make sure there are no spaces included either at the beginning or end of your email address in the file.
    3. If you have installed the indicators correctly and they are still not working, please make sure you have remembered to enable the DLL option which is explained in the installation procedure
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