If you would like to purchase a second licence, please just email us at helpdesk@quantumtrading.com and our accounts team will create a coupon for you to apply in the shopping cart. This will discount the indicator or indicators by 50% at checkout. Please just let us know which indicator or indicators you would like to purchase, and we will then create a unique coupon code for you to use in the shop. Simply select the indicator or indicators and at checkout copy and paste the coupon in the coupon window. The total will then be reduced by 50%.

If you re buying for MT4, once complete we will then send an invitation code as before, and you will then need to create a second account on Quantum Trading, but with a different username and email address. When you activate your second licence please make sure to add this email address to the docs file during the installation otherwise your indicators will not work on the second account.

If you are buying a second licence for NinjaTrader, we will require the Machine ID from your second machine in order to create this on the system as an additional licence.

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