Our focus as a company has always been to support our customers to the best of our ability. It is our number one priority and as such email is the first line of support which you can always use for any issues you may have and the desk is manned 24/7. The email address for support is helpdesk[@]quantumtrading.com. We have also created a number of additional resources to aid our customers in setting up and utilising the indicators on the various platforms we support.

However we understand that there can be times that describing the issue via emails/forum posts alone takes some time to resolve, especially for new customers. This is why in such cases we resort to remote desktop support using TeamViewer where the customer allocates time for one of our customer support representatives to connect to his/her computer and fix the problem together remotely. All new customers of Quantum Trading are entitled to request TeamViewer sessions to resolve issues concerning Quantum Trading indicators for FREE, 1 month after their most recent indicator purchase only.  TeamViewer session requests beyond this period will be provided, but only on a paid basis:

Quantum Trading Remote Desktop Support via TeamViewer

We appreciate TeamViewer is easier and quicker but if it is over-used, we do reserve the right to charge for future use. As you can appreciate we only have finite resources and have to balance the demands of support and development work equally. It is there to help customers who have difficulty installing our software or some other technical problem directly related to our software. As you can appreciate our developers are extremely busy and TeamViewer is our final option to resolve issues, not as the first.

If you opt for this service kindly describe your issue in the Order Notes in the Checkout page and we will contact you directly to schedule the time of the TeamViewer session. If not we will contact you shortly after your purchase of this service to ask you for further details. It will be marked complete only after the session is over and/or when the issue is resolved.

Please note this service is only provided for issues directly related to our software products. Our support staff WILL NOT deal with pc related issues or provide consultancy on troubleshooting technical issues on the PC.