If your CSI is simply displaying the currency icons but you have no currency lines, then the problem is related to a suffix or prefix on the currency notation. The standard notation is EURUSD,M1 but some brokers then add additional characters or text before or after the currency notation. You will need to add these to the inputs for the indicator for it to work correctly with such brokers.

On the videos section of the site below for MT4, you will find a specific video which explains how to add a suffix or prefix to the indicator in the user inputs. Please just enter the link in your browser or click below and then scroll down to the appropriate video:

How to Use The MetaTrader 4 Platform

In the link below, if you scroll down the page, again you will find an explanation of how to add this to the inputs for the indicator:

Installing and configuring – Currency Strength Indicator

In your case, you have a suffix which is (£) and this is what you will need to add as explained in either of the above, and once completed then your indicator will be working correctly and in all timeframes.

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