1. With regard to all our indicators, once you have purchased them we offer all our customers the option to transfer to other platforms in the future, at no cost whatsoever. Many of our customers start with the MT4 package and then move to NinjaTrader later as their trading experience grows, and our philosophy is very simple. We believe your investment in our tools and indicators should be protected at all times, so once you have invested there is nothing else to pay.
  2. You can transfer from one platform to another as often as you like, and as we develop more in the future, such as Tradestation, the same applies. There is nothing further to pay. Many of the indicators will be common to both platforms such as the CSI/CM, support and resistance etc and sometimes there are some difference due to the sophistication of the platform. For example on NinjaTrader this has live ticks and so we have the Tickspeedometer indicator there which is not available on MT4, but generally it is easy to do a like for like transfer, and we are always very flexible with all our customers.
  3. All future upgrades and enhancements are included, and if you invest in the full package then we also add future indicators free of charge. Many of our full package customers on Ninja and MT4 have just received the VPOC free, ( retail $197). The base price of our full packages never changes, even when we add other indicators. We have recently developed a Renko indicator for MT4 which again full package customers received free of charge. If you invest in the full package you will be notified automatically when a new indicator is released and this will then be added to your Quantum Trading user dashboard. All you will then need to do is to download and install the latest package which will then add this indicator to your user dashboard.
  4. The only charge we will make for ongoing support is where you request a Teamviewer session. This is provided free of charge in the first month, but if you do require this in the future, each session will be charged at $30 and available to purchase in the Quantum Trading shop. This is entirely optional.
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