Our first suggestion is to download and install the latest version of the indicators as these have all been optimised to maximise performance and reduce load, and you can find the latest download link here:


Below are a couple of articles which explain how to manage your MT4 platform and I hope the following comments and suggestions will help improve the performance for you. Much will depend on how long you have been using one platform and as you can see from the following a build up in history is one of the causes.

There are many reasons that a trading platform slows down and the MT4 platform is not alone in this respect. Every time a trading indicator is added to a chart, this increases the amount of processing required, and naturally the more charts and indicators are open at the same time, then the greater the load on the pc. As you can appreciate this problem is highlighted further when running on a laptop and the chip speed and RAM available will have a bearing, as indeed will your broadband speed.

With regard to broadband it is always better to use a hard wired option rather than wireless, as the amount of data can slow down the wireless broadband considerably at busy periods. We ALWAYS advise customers to use a hard wired option wherever possible, and this alone should make a huge difference to the stability of data flow during busy periods. In addition you may wish to consider alternatives to the standard broadband which include bonding of ADSL lines to increase upload and download speeds dramatically and using standard copper wires, or alternatively a leased line which is then dedicated to your own traffic. Both are more expensive options but for full time trading something to consider in the longer term.

In order to help, I have included a couple of links to two useful articles which explain how you can help to speed up your MT4 platform in various ways. As you will see in the first article, there are several factors and not least are the number of charts, and the length of time that the platform has been running which all add to the build up of data, which all has to be processed by your CPU with more RAM used.

As you will see from this article, using the Profiles option is one way to have charts loaded, but not open yet easily accessible when required, and in fact we have recently recorded a video on how to create and save profiles – if you need help with this please just let me know and I can send over the link for the video. Restarting your MT4 platform will also help to free up memory. Perhaps the most important is to reduce the maximum bars in history and the maximum bars on the chart. This will use far less memory on live or demo trading, and is really only required for back testing.

The two articles are here:



My suggestions would therefore be to follow the tips and advice in the above articles, and reduce the number of charts you have open at any one time by using the Profiles option. As you can appreciate the Quantum indicators are very sophisticated and there is a huge a amount of data processing that goes on behind the scenes, particularly for the Currency Strength Indicator, the Currency Matrix, and the Support and Resistance indicator so you will need to bear this in mind when you have multiple charts open, and perhaps running other indicators alongside also.

There is also a further solution which involves running multi versions of MT4 which helps to speed things up and also managing memory and resources on the system. We have added this to the support pages and you can find the details here – this is a more advanced solution but one which works very well:

How to Install Multiple Instances of MetaTrader 4 Terminal

Finally you may wish to consider a much faster trading machine and here we recommend those specified for gamers as one option to consider. They are expensive but when running multiple platforms and monitors provide the over clocked speed you will need to keep data running smoothly.

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