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    In NT 7, the volume zone areas are shaded in, which makes it very easy on the eyes to take that information in and also still make out everything else on the chart.

    In NT 8, these areas are not shaded in–they are like traced outlines. This makes it very difficult (in my experience) for the eye to sort out what it is looking at.

    I’d be happy to attach some image examples, but I do not know how to best upload my screen shots to a URL I can paste in here.

    Thanks for all your great work!


    Hello Michael

    Jonathan on support mentioned your email so we have the details from the screenshots you sent, and have passed these across to our development team for them to review and add to the product plan. We are waiting on the latest Ninja beta release with a variety of bug fixes, and once we are cleared can move forward onto NT8 and various updates on our indicators. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for comments – always nice to hear from our customers 🙂


    Hello Michael. Though we are still waiting for NinjaTrader 8 version 13 to be released, we went ahead and improved the VPOC indicator’s appearance in the latest compilation we pushed. You can find more details about the update in the following post:

    Rectangles Improved on VPOC for NinjaTrader 8 Update

    We hope you like the new look of the VPOC on NinjaTrader 8. Many thanks once again for your feedback and all best wishes.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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