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    First off I’d just like to say how beneficial all the resources available from Anna and David have been. The books, webinars and the indicator package have all been extremely helpful in gaining insight into how to trade and how markets function. Allied to this has been the fantastic support from Jonathan at the Quantum helpdesk.
    Below are some suggestions relating to the already excellent indicators. Rather than break these out into separate forum posts, I thought I would suggest them in one consolidated post. These points relate to both existing indicators, upcoming ones and suggestions for the future. Please excuse the length of the post – this is just a collection of things that have occurred to me over the time that I’ve been using the NT7 version of the indicators. Some suggestions may be more practical, more possible to achieve within a given platform’s limitations and more aligned to product strategy, than others.

    I would anticipate that a number of people would welcome the flexibility that would be possible in using the indicator package on different machines and different platforms. However, they may not have the means to buy multiple instances of the indicator set. With the disparate technologies involved, it might not be practical to implement a floating license arrangement, across platforms. However, I wonder whether it might be possible to consider a mechanism where, via the Quantum web site, the user could self-direct the check-in and check-out of their license for a given period of time, on a given platform and machine.

    With broker integration now being available (with the likes of FXCM), I would make a vote for Quantum to consider TradingView as a potential future platform for its indicators. In its favour, it has a lively community, a great feature set (including excellent alerting), location flexibility (being browser-based) and a disciplined approach to software engineering that seems to be woefully lacking at NinjaTrader.

    The upcoming Currency Dashboard looks great. In the 21/09/16 webinar I asked whether it might be possible to change the timeframes shown. David mentioned that this might become very resource intensive. I should make clear that I am not envisaging additional cells in the dashboard but, instead, having the user configurable option to substitute one timeframe for another. So, for example, being able to swap in timeframes that are more applicable to the swing trader, for example.

    Taking inspiration from the philosophical underpinnings of the Tick Speedometer, I wonder whether it might be possible for the indicator to read a given market’s recent trend and congestion profile and dynamically adjust the Neutral Constant, so that it is optimized to that given market and timeframe.

    It would be helpful to have the ability to set audio and email alerts on the indicator, especially when trading higher timeframes. Alert states I would have in mind being:
    a) When currency A crosses currency B.
    b) When currency A cross into the Over Bought or Over Sold area.
    c) When currency A cross out of the Over Bought or Over Sold area.
    It would also be great if conditional alerting were possible e.g. ‘only send me an alert if this condition has been met on both Timeframe 1 and Timeframe 2’.

    Obviously the aim to make the indicators dynamic carries through the full product set. It is very helpful to see the VPOC build and adjust, as the market progresses. However, it would also be useful to be able to specify other attributes. For example, to see:
    a) How the volume profile has built since a defined session start (e.g. from the beginning of the ES pit session).
    b) An overview of multiple session volume profiles to help with determining matters such as how the pit session volume is developing, relative to the Globex/overnight session. Or how today’s volume profile is building relative to those from the preceding trading days.

    It would be very helpful for the user to have the option to invert the base and the quote currency, for a given pair. This would facilitate a faster read of the overall strength or weakness of a currency, across the pairs it is contained within.
    By way of example, CADJPY may be showing as blue and be toward the top of the leader board. Meanwhile AUDCAD may be showing as red and toward the lower end of the board. In both cases CAD strength is being communicated but there is the need to make the mental adjustment for the different position of the currency, within the two pairs.
    Another facility that would be welcome in Currency Matrix would be to determine a currency pair’s position, relative to a user specified time stamp. For example, to be able to know this pair is in position 1 relative to the London open.
    Linked to this point, it would also be useful to have a sense of the journey that a pair has been on, since a defined point. E.g. this pair is at position 7 and has fallen 3 positions since the New York open.

    It would be useful to be able to add other Quantum indicators on to an index. For example, to be able to add the Accumulation and Distribution indicator to the index. (Currently it is added to the chart that USDX, EURX and JPYX are appended to).

    In an industry populated with a lot of snake oil salesmen, Anna and David’s integrity shines through. The only other provider I’ve so far encountered of comparable integrity and with a similar focus on delivering very tangible value is Peter Davies at Jigsaw Trading. I would love to see an integration between the some of the Quantum indicators and his Jigsaw toolset – a marriage made in heaven. For example, those trading exchange-based contracts could benefit a lot from having the Quantum Accumulation and Distribution levels auto-plotted on the Jigsaw DOM.

    During the webinars, Anna and David often stress the importance of knowing session highs and lows. It would be great to see Quantum’s take on a multi-session indicator, similar to this one that is available on FXCM’s Trading Station platform: https://www.fxcmapps.com/apps/trading-session-hours/

    It would be great if there were the option to add a price label to a pivot when it is generated. Such would facilitate quick recognition as to the price range between a pivot high and a pivot low.

    I hope the above suggestions are of some use.


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    Hello Peter and thank you very much for some excellent suggestions here which we have passed to our development team to add to their ideas for the roadmap for each product. We appreicate all our customers comments and ideas, and as you will appreciate we do reveive many of these by email too, and wherever possible try to include them if we can. Some of your sugegstions are already in the plans. One of the ideas for the future is indeed the session highs and lows which is one we have in plan. With regard to the indices, it is not possible to add indicators to these as this is then adding an indicator to an indicator, so sadly not an option on these. The audio alerts on the CSI is one we have been asked for several times, and the issue here is always defining when and how this will be triggered and the asscociated parameters to keep signals meaningful – but one we continue to consider.

    On the VPOC one of the early developments was to consider multi time arrays, but this made the chart overbusy and we abandoned this idea early on but may go back to revisit this in due course, and indeed with the Ninja * issues now seemingly resolved we will be working on updating and porting in the new indicators from MT4 as well as updating the NT8 from NT7 versions.

    Finally with regard to platforms we are always interested in new platforms as we have added Trading View to the mix. The plan at present is MT4 followed by Tradestation and Multicharts which we plan to have up and running next year with others to follw so Trading View will be one for us to consider.

    Thank you again for your ideas and suggestions which are most welcome and as always we will keep you posted and up to date here in the labs.

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