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    I am using NinjaTrader and using the awesome CSI indicator! Icing on the cake would be to turn the currencies off and on by the colour coded label on chart to save going into the indicator itself. may be a big ask but would be very useful!

    I overlay the indicator on the price bar chart ( same as input series ) and turn off all the currencies that are not relevant. Great to get at a glance whats going on!

    Perhaps the option to open CSI and the Matrix in its own windows too ? so you can have separate windows for timelines in a row. At the moment they have to be added to a chart.

    I think you probably have all these in mind Quantum renko and the Quantum volume for NTrader (better than the standard one ! )

    couldn’t be without them !


    Thank you for creating the first suggestion in our forum which is very much appreciated, and thanks also for the kind and generous comments about the indicators. We feel the same way ourselves 🙂 but always awesome to hear it from our customers so thank you, and we hope you will post many other suggestions in due course. The on/off option for the currencies on the CSI is one we have in the plan already, and mirrors this feature which is available on the MT4 version. The only reason we have been holding back on some of these feature updates is to wait for a stable version of NT8 before moving forward. The latest release is now out – version 12 – and we are currently testing this as we speak, so we will be updating on the site. As you probably know, the NT8 release also prompted a completely rebuilt Currency Matrix which is very similar in look and feel to MT4, and very different to the NT7 version. The decision we will need to make is whether to include this in both versions or just add to NT8 once it is out of beta. The same comments apply to the CSI/CM suggestion you also raised, and this all hinges on our current testing and whether we feel the NT8 platform is finally stable. Thanks again


    The CSI is such an important indicator, I add it too every main chart and is a great insight to where the market is heading.

    When all the currencies are on with the CSI it can look a bit of a riot of colour in the faster time frames where volatility is higher.It would be great to turn off the currencies your not tracking. Ninja trader 8 has a colour coded identifier, be really nice to turn off the currencies you don’t need here rather than going into the indicator control windows to do this.

    At present I add the CSI to my main charts and turn off the currencies in the , when I then change my main chart to another currency pair, having the facility to change the CSI currency pair on screen would be really neat.

    Just a suggestion is if you have the CSI in a separate panel on the main chart and showing only the currency pair you have on that chart, then change to another currency pair the old currency pair will be showing on the CSI
    What would be very nice would be that the CSI would then display the currency pairs that you have switched too rather that showing the previous currency pairs.
    So by changing the currency pairs on the main chart this would automatically change the currency pairs on the CSI indicator to that of the main chart.

    Perhaps a tick box in the control panel indicator window to turn this function off?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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