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    Hi Guys, just attended Anna and David’s Complete Forex Trading webinar tutorial on, “the currency dashboard” indicators, it was superb thank you.
    However, as an observation I noticed that when David was explaining the “currency array” indicator using his ninja 8 platform, that when he isolated a currency, not only did the graphical line element of the array isolate the currency, but also the corresponding currency array ranking table also isolated the particular associated currency pairs.
    This however does not seem to be a feature of this indicator in respect of the MT4 platform, which although isolates the graphical line element, does not isolate the particular currency pairs in the ranking table.
    Only a suggestion (a simple niggle more than a problem!), but I wondered if it would be possible, to also have chosen currencies isolated in the ranking table as well as graphically on MT4, as they already are with ninja 8.

    Best Regards and keep up the good work, you are stars!!

    michael wilson (aka. Sludgemuffin!)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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