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    Dear Anna and David,

    First of all, thank you for the books you have published, the indicators you have developed and the trading sessions you have been carrying out. I have found them all very helpful at making me a better trader and I am grateful for it.
    I am now looking forward to going through your Trading Course.

    My suggestion is regarding one of your indicators, the VPOC with MT4.
    Although it works well, as it is intended to work, I find that I only get the values of the HVN and the LVN values when I hover over on the right hand side of the lines created by the indicator. It can become quite hard to view these value when it coincides with a support line, a moving average, etc, which can happen quite often, and it can take a while to trigger the value of the HVN or LVN in crowded areas.
    It is not the same with the VPOC, I can obtain this value at any point along the VPOC line, which is very useful and easy as I can hover over areas less crowded along the VPOC.
    It will be very helpful if the same VPOC value sensitivity is allowed with the HNV and the LVN.
    I hope the above is clear, otherwise, I will be happy to clarify.
    Hopefully this can be introduced in future updates of the indicator.
    Many thanks


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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