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Hello Peter and thank you very much for some excellent suggestions here which we have passed to our development team to add to their ideas for the roadmap for each product. We appreicate all our customers comments and ideas, and as you will appreciate we do reveive many of these by email too, and wherever possible try to include them if we can. Some of your sugegstions are already in the plans. One of the ideas for the future is indeed the session highs and lows which is one we have in plan. With regard to the indices, it is not possible to add indicators to these as this is then adding an indicator to an indicator, so sadly not an option on these. The audio alerts on the CSI is one we have been asked for several times, and the issue here is always defining when and how this will be triggered and the asscociated parameters to keep signals meaningful – but one we continue to consider.

On the VPOC one of the early developments was to consider multi time arrays, but this made the chart overbusy and we abandoned this idea early on but may go back to revisit this in due course, and indeed with the Ninja * issues now seemingly resolved we will be working on updating and porting in the new indicators from MT4 as well as updating the NT8 from NT7 versions.

Finally with regard to platforms we are always interested in new platforms as we have added Trading View to the mix. The plan at present is MT4 followed by Tradestation and Multicharts which we plan to have up and running next year with others to follw so Trading View will be one for us to consider.

Thank you again for your ideas and suggestions which are most welcome and as always we will keep you posted and up to date here in the labs.